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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Making and Breaking Habits Wow

 My Response to the book
Making Habits, Breaking Habits[1]

         The day before yesterday, on the Internet, I read chapter one of the books.  After finishing I rushed down to Chapters Book Store and purchased the book and rushed home and began to read. 
         For about 30 years I was a Psych Professor.  I am now retired and will be 75 years old in October.   His book is one of the most interesting one I have ever read.  Every question I have about my self has been discussed in the book.
         Earlier, just after I got my PhD, worked as a clinical psychologist but I wasn’t good enough and went back to teaching, I think that if I had read this book before while still counseling I might have stayed in that role. As a teacher I would have a class of students exploring the important message about habits.
         I am now beginning to read chapter 9 Breaking Habits.  Having been meditating for a long time I am now exploring myself and I can hardly wait till I get to chapter 12 – Creative Habits.
         I also encourage those of you read this post, to get to the bookstore, or order one online, and you will change you life for the better.        Thank you Jeremy!!!!!!! 

[1]   Author is Jeremy Dean  10987654321

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