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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Meditation and My Walk

Practicing Meditation

Meditation while Walking

         Almost every morning when I go for my walk I also meditate. Combining walk with mediation is an efficient way to relax.  You can use this technique anywhere you’re walking – in a tranquil forest or a city sidewalk or at the mall.  When you use this method, slow down the pace of walking so you can focus on each movement of your legs and feet.  Don’t focus on your particular destination.  Concentrate on your legs and feet, repeating action words in your mind such as lifting, moving and placing as you lift each foot, move your leg forward and place your foot on the ground.  As you walk, stay in the here (right here where ever you are) and right now (right now this very minute.)

        A few days ago, I had an accident on with my bicycle. It hurt the muscles of my right leg.  Now during my morning walk I concentrate on the places in my leg where the muscle hurts. And I believe that this is helping them heal.  Each day since the accident, the pain is slowly decreasing.  I have also cut the distance of my walks but soon I expect to return to my habitual path.  

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