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Friday, May 16, 2014

Ageism: Rethinking Ageing

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Rethinking Ageing[1]

“It seems indisputable to me that rethinking of ageism can not be based on the assumption that old age exists.  And it follows directly from this, that we must critically examine the logic of creating a category of people and calling it the elderly, the old or the aged.”

“In Butler’s definition the critical sentence is:
Ageism can be seen as a process of systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people because they  are old, just as racism and sexism accomplished this because of skin colour and gender.”

“The main reference to age in Butler’s definition is the word ‘old’. His conceptulation of ageism is related to a discernible group of people who can be referred to a old. He, like many others uses a number of words to refer to this group – older, elderly, aged –but not in the way which challenges the presumption of it’s existences.”

[1]  Material of this post is gathered from the book Ageism: Rethinking Ageing  Organized and presented by Bill Pathway ISBN  0-335-19176-4    (pub). For those of you who are interested in the study of Ageism this book is a must have!

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