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Monday, May 5, 2014

Volunteering Among Seniors

Volunteering Among Seniors[1]
     Volunteers provide important services to Canadians. They organize activities, serve as members of committees and boards, coach others, distribute food and other goods, and provide care and support.
     Volunteers provide communities with arts and cultural events, educate the public about protecting our natural environment, promote literacy and learning, and advocate on behalf of the marginalized.
     Volunteers also play an essential role in promoting active citizenship and building bridges between communities and cultures.

Some Questions:
   There are some indications that seniors may not be able to continue volunteering in the same way or at the same rate as they have in the past.  What is needed to support seniors to continue to volunteer?   Given aging and changing health status, how do we continue to engage seniors as volunteers?
1. What potential is there to leverage the voluntary capacity of seniors to help other seniors in need of assistance and support?
2. How can we engage baby boomers and other age groups, to take on volunteer roles previously held by seniors?
3. What can be done to further entrench volunteering as a key element of civic participation among seniors and future generations of seniors?
4. How can we better understand, promote and enable volunteerism among individual Canadians and through not-for-profit community-based organizations?

[1]  This information comes from a workshop I created five years ago.  I do my volunteering with Canadian Cancer Society

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