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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Seasons of the Sun

The Seasons of The Sun

I first learned about the Sun when I was young.
He rose in the morning before I left bed
And then crossed BC from the mountains.
In the evening he dove into the ocean
And made way for his wife; Misses moon.

Then I learned about his four seasons.
I love Summer best when he’s very warm
And shows his face above me longer.
Sometimes I think he’s angry because
He turns my skin red and I need a lot of water,

Along comes Fall; he begins to come later and stay less.
He lets me get my water by sending it in showers.
As time marches on he makes the rain much colder
A clear signal that it’s time for winter

He’s not around very long and hides behind clouds
Rain turns to snow that shines when peeks from behind clouds
I also have to wear some pretty heavy clothes
He takes no responsibility for keeping me warm
At the end of that comes my favorite holiday

Then he comes back, warming up, but still with rain
An artist created a song about April showers
He signals to the flowers that it’s time grow.
We gain three minutes of daylight each day,
And I count the hours till the return of summer.

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