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Monday, April 21, 2014

Controlling Chocolate Through Meditation

Live Responsibly for your Outcome: The Silva Method

Chocolate is my Biggest Weakness

      For many years I have had a variety of chocolate substances including covered nuts; hot and cold drinks and candy bars.  Most of the time I didn’t see this as a problem. Since my journey with meditation, a lot with Silva, I have seen more clearly and have begun to take control.  I have not given up chocolate completely but have developed habits that are more realistic.    First I take no chocolate of any kind before noon.  This began as my action plan.  I have never wanted to give chocolate up entirely and love each moment that it’s in my mouth.   
       The key to my success (so far) is my ability to detach from thoughts, feelings and urges related to the chocolatet problem. Listed next is the process recommended to those who wish to benefit from meditation. I must go now because it’s three pm and time for my last hot chocolate.   Below is the process Silva recommends.

·   Pause
·   Take a deep breath
·   Say to yourself mentally:  Relax—What’s my outcome
·   Picture the desired outcome
·   Create and action plan

·   Begin to move in that direction

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