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Friday, April 25, 2014

About the Wisdom Process

About The Wisdom Process

    For a long time it has been professed that along with growing older comes increased experience of wisdom.  In this post I will first present a scenario.  See what you think about the problem using the process presented after the scenario.  Here we go!

   Joyce, a sixty-year old widow recently completed a degree in business management and opened her own business.  She has been looking forward to this new challenge.  She has just heard that her son has been left with two small children to care for.
       She is considering two options. She can plan to give up her business and live with her son, or she can arrange for financial assistance for her son to cover the child-care costs.
What should Joyce do and consider in making her plans? Want additional information is needed?

 See if you can use the following wisdom processes below, which include:
1.   Recognizing the existence of the problem.
2.   Defining the nature of the problem.
3.   Thinking about the information related to the problem.
4.   Formulating a strategy for solving the problem
5.   Allocating resources to the solution of the problem.
6.   Monitoring one’s solution of the problem.
7.   Evaluating feedback regarding the problem.

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