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Monday, April 21, 2014

Exploring Our Retirement

Exploring Our Retirement[1]

Many of us are not “over the hill”
We are continuing the to climb new ones.
We can enjoy being only partly retired.
And are be interested in new activities.

We are ready to explore the second half of life,
And to move away from a negative view of aging.
After a period of exploration we can get a new plan.
It’s very useful to explore in the Internet.

And as we look for something that we wish to do
We can take opportunities for making new friends.
I have done so in my visits to the local Seniors Centre
This is especially helpful during the mid of winter

We can show our wisdom with life long learning
In part I do this by sitting on the Seniors Centre Board,
 Continuing to read books like the Mature Mind
And surfing through the Internet.

[1]  Material found from The Mature Mind: The Positive Power from the Aging Brain  by Gene D. Cohen PhD   ISBN -10;  0-465-01204-3

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