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Monday, April 7, 2014

Beyond Ageist Stereotypes [1]
A Ten-point plan for a
Ageism Reduction

1.          Heightening sensitivity to the stereotyping of older people.
2.          Creating greater exposure to diversity in personal characteristics of older people.
3.          Having greater commitment to recognizing and responding to diversity in dealing with older people
4.          Making deliberate use of perspective taken to see the older person as an individual.
5.          Seeking out opportunities for intergenerational cooperation.
6.          Taking advantage of opportunities to promote the social attractiveness of older people.
7.          Strengthening institutional practices that promote the norm human-heartedness.
8.          Desensitizing ourselves to the stigma of degeneration and dependency.
9.          Reviewing policies and practices for evidence of stigmatizing through disrespect, particularly the disrespect communicated through treating older people as an invisible group.
10.      Mandating inclusiveness of older people in policy planning and implementation.

[1]  Material found in a book Edited by Todd Nelson (2002) Ageism:: Stereotypes and Prejudice  Against Older Persons.  ISBN  0-262-14077-2  pp331-332. The author of this chapter is Valerie Braithwaite.

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