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Monday, March 10, 2014

Silent Ageism: A Scenario

Silent Ageism: A Scenario

Tom, 74 years old (my age now) is very frustrated, he has got used to being ignored.  But a neighborhood meeting has been called to discuss the recent break-ins. He was tired of being treated as if he didn’t exist.  It wasn’t that he experienced hostility; he was ignored with sheer indifference.   When he was talked to, he was patronized since he retired fifteen years ago from the community police force; he has gradually spent more and more time alone, especially after he lost his wife four years ago.  But this was too much.  He is tired of being treated like a piece of furniture.  He is also tired of being patronized when people did talk to him.  He is becoming increasingly frustrated.  If you were a member of this group.  What kinds things would you do

What would you tell him??

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