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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Early Stages of Ageism

About The Early Stages of Ageism[i]

         The information presented in this post was gathered from the research article listed below.  Those of you who have previously looked at posts on this blog will know I am very interested in the study of Ageism.  The article is good in it’s description of the ways ageism may begin.  First there are characteristics, both positive and negative, displayed in research article. The respondents, all college students, were asked to check the terms they think describe the elderly. They were asked if an elder lived with them or had ever lived with them. If they said yes they were asked to describe how the elder related to them using the postive and negative items listed below, They were also asked how they think they will feel when they reach 75 years old and if it worried them.  Since I will be 75 in Oct I can tell you that the world is still a wonderful place. Now here are the characteristics.

Positive: 1.  Knowledgeable 2. Enjoy Company
3. Sociable 4.Pleasant 5.Sharing 6. Important 7. Helpful
8.Educable 9.Independent 10.Healthy 11.Open to Ideas.
Negative: 1.Hard of hearing 2.Poor Vision 3. Dependent 4.Grouchy 5. Narrow Minded 6. Sickly 7.Withdrawn 8.Noneducable 9. Self-Centered10.Ignorant 11. Avoid Compan12. Get in the way 13.Unimportant 14. Dirty.
(These below are now listed in order of the percentages of being, starting with the most mentioned in descriptions.)
1.  Poor Vision.  2. Hard of hearing 3. Dependent 4. Sickly 
5. Grouchy 6. Self-Centered 7. Narrow Minded 8. Gets in the Way
9. Unimportant 10.Noneducable 11. Withdrawn
I suggest that you explore this is your own family

(Next week I intend to report another study entitled “Looking into the Future:  How possible aged selves influence prejudice toward older adults.

. Mosher-Ashley. (1999.) Attitudes of college’s students Toward Elderly Persons and their perception of themselves at age 75. Educational Gerontology, 25, pp.89-102.

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