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Monday, March 17, 2014

Considering Retirement??????

Understanding the Retirement Process

         Here is a definition of retirement,  “When we realize that we are no longer in the work role that we have come to identify with.”  After retirement we expect to have economic support without holding a job.” My Family gets enough to pay our bills. We also have more opportunity to manage our time.  It’s ok to work part time and engage in activities like developing retirement workshops and producing information on the Internet (chuckle).

         Some have suggested that retirement is a move from the ‘work ethic, to the “busy ethic” which is the idea that our lives should be active and full. This includes leisure activities that go beyond self-indulgence. I love it when people visit Art with Wrinkles
         Another element is the ideas that in retiring we go through several phases that start out with the honeymoon phase in the beginning and termination at the end
         But when it comes right down to it instead of trying to figure out what stage we are in; how we are feeling about where we are at and how we interpret or retirement is the most important.  For example do you think about retirement in favorable or unfavorable terms?  Are you happy or sad, angry or accepting, anxious, fearful or optimistic?

         For those of you who have been retired for a while, have there been changes in how you feel?

         One factor present in our experiencing including both work and retirement is Stress!!.  Over the past several years I have become more aware of my stress and sometimes what’s triggering it. I am now regularly meditate and this is doing a good job of reducing stress.  Here is the information I have regarding my retirement blog’.
1. Between 2010 and 2014 I have had 5.423 visit from all over the world.
2. I have had 2,125 visits from 49 of the United States
3. I have had 1,741 visits from Canada.
4. I have had at least one visit from 97 other countries.

My Art with Wrinkles blog has had a much fewer number of visits. But that’s ok.  Art, painting and poetry are just fun to make.

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