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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Your Mind Needs a Good Run Too

Your Mind Needs a Good Run Too[1]

“ Rigorous physical exercise will help keep your body in great shape.  Equally important is mental exercise to keep your mind in great shape. Your mind as much as your body, regularly needs a good run too, If you want it to serve you well in your retirement years.  Of course, in addition to keeping your brain in shape for the future, it will keep you from getting bored in the future.”

The history of my life during late teens and early twenties is one of physical sports activities; wrestling and playing football; first in secondary high school and then in university.

Now I am 73 years old and have several things that I do that hopefully will keep me in gear.  In regards to shear physicality, around 10 AM, in my neighborhood every morning, I walk fast, or jog, for about 45 minutes. I also have hour-long fast walks when I visit my sons in Vancouver.

 In addition, while walking, when I’m alone, I practice staying in the “here and now” by chanting meditation and deep breathing.  I do watch TV but it’s not a substitute for a journey in the neighborhood. 

.  I do practice mental activity by playing Big Fish “Time Management Games” on my laptop computer.  Computer playing certainly keeps me going and making decisions relevant to those on my long career ( I was a University Professor). THANKS Big Fish!!!

[1]  Material gathered from Ernie J. Zeilnski  How to retire Happy, Wild and Free 
ISBN 0-9694194-5-7

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