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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Inner Me

The Inner Me[1]

First of all, I strongly recommend other seniors to get this book. It is very useful in helping us understand our life in latter years which she says is important,”.. If only partially correct, for it is the image that sustains us through the years of possible indignity and  non-caring. Incidentally Naomi is just over 80 years old. Now what is the chapter all about?

We have two options we either live or die.  “Aging cannot be avoided. You will become, whether you like it or not, pushed to the end of the crowd. Unless we have a lot of money we are not considered very important.  However, “ if you inner image is still running along with you, as your shadow accompanies you on your outer edge, you will float through it all assured that you still have value.”   This post so far is a very small section of the book.

Some of my self-ideas are:  “It is what it is”, “I am who I am.” And the most important time is “The here and Now.  As I have indicated in an earlier post.  One of the key factors that help me stay this way is my continued exploration of meditation.  Also inside me with my tinnitus I can listen to my own heart beat.   “Me is we” is another piece of my inner me.  This helps me accept my various selves without being attached to any particular one.

Some times devilish thoughts arise and I look at them. This leads to my understanding of my personality as expressed by Sigmund Freud. He understood our personality to have three factors the Id Ego and Super Ego.  The Id represents the animal part of our brain that does not give a damn what anybody ought to do. The Super Ego encourages us to do what’s right and the ego is basically what gets us though the day.

Finally, I have people from all over the world who visit my blog. I would be interesting to know what you think.

[1] Naomi Beth Wakend, The Roller-Coaster Ride: Thoughts on Aging  ISBN 978-894987-64-6

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