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Friday, February 7, 2014

A Transportation Problem

Carl, an 82-year-old, retired company manager is slowly recovering from a fall that left his hip badly bruised. He finds it difficult to walk without the aid of a “walker”. In addition, he has problems with mid stage prostate cancer.  Recently, while driving, he hit the curb and flattened one of his rear tires. He drove home with a flat tire because he wanted to hide the accident.  Next month he must take a drivers test to see if you can still drive properly.  He is determined to drive as long as he can and feels that it is part of his role as man of the family.

At home he as several times fallen off the couch and not been able to get up without help from his 76-year-old wife Helen.   Helen can’t drive and is dependent on Carl to drive her to do house needs such as shopping.  While she is frightened about Carl’s driving, she can’t see any other options.  She has come to you for advice.  What would you advise?

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