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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wisdom Questions

We are told that wisdom comes with age.  What do you think about the following questions? 

What is wisdom?
What does wisdom mean to you?
What brings happiness?
How have you overcome fear in your life?
Have had to deal with fear of failure in your life?
When do you do your best work?
What advice would you give for success?
What responsibilities do we have to the world?
Do you see yourself as a creative person? 
How do you express your creativity?
What do you think the world needs?
What is the biggest change you have had in your life?
What is the best way to resolve conflicts?
What are our main responsibilities as adults?
What are our responsibilities as citizens?
What do you think is society’s main problems?
What makes marriage successful?
What advice would you give parents?
What are the differences between parents and grandparents?

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