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Monday, February 2, 2015

Who Am I

       "Who am I ?   "Our selves are made up of self concepts (ideas of what we would like) self-esteem.self- esteem (how we feel about ourselves) and social identity (the parts of ourselves we show to to others).  
     " Culture has a huge impact on how we think about ourselves.  People who live in more individualistic cultures, such as Canada develop an individual self concept, where as people in more collectivist cultures develop an inter-dependent self-concept."
      " No doubt feeling  good about ourselves is a good thing, but is low self-esteem the root of all social ills?  Although people think that those with high self-esteem are smarter, more likeable, and more physically attractive, do better in school, achieve more on the job, have greater life satisfaction and happiness than those with low self-esteem, this is not supported by research.  Similarly, it is not true that low self-esteem is problematic, causing relationship problems, aggressiveness, alcohol  and other drug abuse, premature sexual activity, unwanted pregnancies and other social ills."

    Material found in Personality Psychology: Foundations and Findings  Canadian Edition
ISBN  978-0-205-89745-2

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