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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Strategies For Combating Ageism

Individual Actions

1. Inform yourself so you have the facts to combat the misconceptions and stereotypes.
2. Examine your own attitudes and actions and try to eliminate those that express ageism.
3. Inform your relatives, friends and colleagues about the facts, especially when some prejudice is       expressed or  implied.
4. Do not tell ageist jokes and refuse to laugh when you hear one. Or change the ageist joke to one that is age neutral by specifying the subject's age.
5. Do not use ageist terms like "old fogy" and "old maid."
6. Do not use ageist language such as equating aging with deterioration and dying, or equating youth with health vigor, and beauty.
7. Point out to others when they are using ageist language.
8. Refuse to go along with discrimination against adults of any age, young or old.
9. Write letters to editors of newspapers and magazines pointing out and protesting ageism in current events.
10. Write letters to local officials, state and federal representatives, and executives pointinf out and protesting ageism in government.  Also write letters that support legislation against  ageism.
11. Boycott products of companies  that use ageist advertisement or discriminate against elders in employment.
12.  Join groups that oppose ageism and work with them.
13.  Vote for political candidates the oppose ageism
14. Testify before legislative committees and commissions about instances of ageism and show your support for legislation to reduce ageism.
15.  Become a candidate for political office or get appointed to commissions that can reduce ageism

The material above was gathered from the book Ageism: Negative and Positive by Erdman Palmore
ISBN  0-8261-7000-5

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