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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Healthy Aging Brain

The Healthy Aging Brain[1]

The Correlates of Volunteerism

All of my life I have had the need to help others (I am the oldest child in the family). I retired from being a university professor.  Over the last ten years and continuing (I am now 74 years old), I have been a volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society for quite a long time.  The next material is from page 277 of the book referenced below.

·   Greater psychological  well-being
·   Better life adjustment
·   Greater sense of meaning, purpose, and morale
·   Less stress and anxiety
·   Better physical health and immunological functioning
·   Less depression and hopelessness
·   Les pain from arthritis and other illnesses
·   Better social connectivity

[1]  The healthy aging brain:  organized and created by louis cozolino
   Sustaining attachment, attaining wisdom ISBN 10: 0-393-70513-7

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