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Friday, June 20, 2014

Living Well In Retirement

Living Well In Retirement 

       Retirement has different meanings to different people. Some people stop working completely with levels of ambivalence. Some people cut back on their hours gradually and consider themselves semi-retired. There are also those people who cut back on their hours and say they will keep working until they die. On the other end some people can hardly wait to retire, Planning involves not only financial but social factors. Consider the following questions. 

1.  What does or will Retirement Mean to you
2.  Do you consider yourself retired, semi-retired working full time?
3.   Were you or are Ready To Retire?
4.  Have you (or did you) consider complete or partial          retirement? In other words, consider part-time or        temporary work, or even a less than full-time 
small business venture?
5.   How do the following Represent your feelings and
a.   Do you consider yourself retired, semiretired,
b.   Have you watched or listened to programs on health?
c.   Have you joined a club, team, or organization?

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