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Friday, June 27, 2014

My Leisure Options in Retirement

My Leisure Options in Retirement

1.   Art has always been an interest to me.  I really like to create poetry (go to my site Art With Wrinkles). I also like to paint with acrylic.  While I am being creative I am very happy.

2.    I love to read books and have a room with at least a  hundred novels.  One of my favourite novelists is Steven King.

3.   I enjoy TV; everything from the news each day to series that continue for months (and sometimes years) (and also like movies)

4.   I sit at my laptop for hours playing games.  My favourite type of games are Time Management.

5.   And from where ever it comes; radio, TV or singing to myself taking a shower; I love to here music. One of my favourites TV shows is The Dance Academy, produced and sent from Australia.

6.   And finely I really like to do research. If you are interested, go to Retirement: Third Age Learning New Beginnings

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