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Monday, January 7, 2013

Digging into the Problem

Silent Ageism

         Ben, 76-years-old, was very frustrated, he had gotten used to being ignored. But a neighborhood meeting had been called to discuss the recent break-ins.  He was tired of being treated as if he didn’t exist.  It wasn’t that he experienced hostility he was ignored with sheer indifference.  Was he was talked to or he was patronized Since he had retired fifteen years ago from the community police force, he had gradually spent more and more time alone; especially after the loss of his wife three years ago.
         But this was too much. He was tired of being treated like a piece of furniture.  He was tired of being patronized when people did talked to him.   He has come to you for advice.  What questions would you ask and what behavior would you suggest.  If you reply on the blog we can begin a dialogue 

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