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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maintaing Self-Esteem After The Last Day

 Self-Esteem After Retirement[i]

After retirement some of us, especially if we have had professional careers, may find ourselves longing for the power and/or prestige related our previous employment.  In short, we need to be noticed. For me as a former university professor, it is a question of prestige more than power.  Standing in front of the class lecturing or facilitating discussion groups is both challenging and exciting.  And, having someone I meet on the street say “Hi professor Anderson” is very pleasing.
         The question is will my former successes get in the way during my retirement adjustment. Will I be able to let go of my previouexpectations?  It is now a year since I retired and I have recently signed on as a substitute instructor at Kwantlen. Since last September I’ve been called a couple of times to substitute for someone who couldn’t make it to class. It is really interesting to be a guest speaker in the classroom and only having to teach one class.
         The creation and presentation of my blog and workshops have been a way of adjusting to a new life. I will still be on centre stage as I facilitate the workshops and I have had visitors to my blog from all over the world. It would be nice if more made comments.
          These new experiences help me to reflect on my life and perhaps I will develop some wisdom about my life process.  Even now I reflect on the life I have left, what think what skills I will be able to bring to the community and appropriate goals to set until the end. 
         I developed my first university goals during my last year of high school when I decided to go to university and continue playing football.  After achieving my undergraduate degree I went on to get my Masters and PhD degrees. Some of my football co-players at the University Tommy Larscheid and Merlin Olsen expanded their sports goals from university and became famous as athletic professionals. I followed the goal of becoming a university professor.  For the last ten years I’ve been on the Board of the local senior’s centre and now I’ve created this blog. Each of us has a unique story that continues after we retire.  I would like to hear about some of yours. 

[i]  Key ideas for this blog entry taken from:  Revitalizing Retirement by Nancy Schlossberg.

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