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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Are You Ready????

Preparing For Retirement

Something very exciting happened today as I surfed the research engine of Psych Info.  I came across and article published by researchers in New Zealand this past spring.  It explores the process of retirement planning including financial, health, lifestyle and psychosocial processes. Pre-retirees are learning that they need to spend more time on the planning aspects of retirement.
The researchers, Noone, Stephens, and Alpass have constructed a survey investigating the processes of retirement planning. The items are spread through four categories.
How would you see             yourself?

Retirement Representation:
I often talk to my family about financial issues for retired people
I often compare my current health with how I would like to be in the future.
I often compare how I spend my time now with how I would like to spend my time in retirement.
I often compare my current roles with the roles I would like to have as a retired person.
Retirement Goals:
I have specific goals about the financial position I want in retirement.
I have specific goals for my long-term health
I have specific goals about regarding how I want to spend my time in retirement
I have specific goals regarding the future roles I would like to hold as a retiree.
The Decision to Prepare for Retirement
I’d rather deal with any financial issues closer to retirement, rather than making financial provisions now.
It’s too early for me to consider my long-term health.
I know that people in my age group are developing new ways to spend their time.
It is worthwhile to prepare for changes to my roles as a retired person.
Preparing to retire:
By the time I retire, I will have sufficient income to ensure the standard of living I want in retirement,
I only eat foods that will benefit my long-term health
There are many things I could do with my time if I was forced to retire today
I have many things outside of work that I would like to pursue.

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