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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ah, the Grandkids[i]

        Last week my granddaughter and her husband came for a visit and the brought along their three-year old twin daughters.  I haven’t spent much time with them before. This time the family stayed for four hours. As they left they said that they would soon invite us to their new residence.
       Over the past years I have had little contact with my grandchildren. Mostly, but not very frequently, I have visits with my two sons.  Neither of them is married and they live in downtown Vancouver.
        So, in this case, I need to consider my connections with my grandchildren and their children.  We are instructed from the book Don’t Sweat to let the “children” pick the conversational topics, at least in the beginning.  We did that and my grand daughter and her husband talked about their work and recreational activities.  The great grandchildren spent quite a bit of time playing with our cat Ella.
     Don’t Sweat suggests that a good conversation can be carried around technology “Technology, is a great place to start.  If you allow your grandchildren to advise you on the operation of your new computer, for example, that will give them the opportunity to achieve something by helping you.  In addition to warm feelings that you’ll get when your grandchild confides in you, you’ll pick up some sound technology advice.     “  In that case I am pretty well up to date on my laptop and any problems are solved by my wife. Besides the twins are not giving advice yet

[i]  Page 68 of The Don’t Sweat Guide to Retirement

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