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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

“Don’t Sweat About Retirement”[i]

         The other day I was surfing around at London Drugs and I came upon a very interesting book about retirement. First, a brief comment about “Don’t Sweat”.  There are other books by the editors of Don’t Sweat Organization; about 15. The cover page always says “Don’t Sweat” and it presents other topics including; Couples, Parents, Weddings, Golf, Travel and Weight Loss.   Now back to retirement.  The book has one hundred “chapters” most with only two short pages.
         I wish to begin my discussion with Chapter 26 “Forming New Social Networks”   It’s only two pages and I will attempt to paraphrase the material as much as possible instead of quoting it.
         The word retirement is also associated with the idea of going to bed for example “I’ve been busy all day, I think I ready to retire.”  Retirement used in the other way is associated with         is associated with more freedom to follow ones on interests. The source says that work retirement also
“…may require a bit more work—ensuring that you will have sufficient contact to keep your sense of worth as high as it has always been.”
         Further, having less contact, beyond saying “Hi!” to the grocery clerk behind the counter, “—is one of the ever-present dangers of retirement. At work we develop and number of friends and if we have children in school we often connect with other parents and become friends.
         With retirement many of these opportunities, especially with those associated with work are lost and it’s important that we find other ways to connect with other and establish new relationships and networks.  Yes, when I go to the local grocery store I see people that I recognize and say
“hi” but “You want your new relationships to be deeply rewarding and long- lasting.”
         The material then tells us that we need to make opportunities for socializing into our activities.  For example if we are making travel an important part of making social connections we can use group excursions  to bring us close to others.  If we are developing hobbies, like my painting, even though it’s a fairly singular activity, there is the activity of contacting others in art galleries where is hope one day to display my paintings. And, I have continued with my Senior’s Society board membership and my Cancer Society Canvassing work which has helped me  make connections with persons in my neighborhood that I have seen for years but never met.
         Developing these relationships we are told will strengthen our self-image as a valued member of society.  So, it’s important to get started and do as much socializing as possible. “You’ll soon form so many fruitful relationships that you’ll never face the pain of disconnection.” 

[i]  The Don’t Sweat Guide to Retirement  Chap 26 pp. 64 & 65, 

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