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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let's Use Wisdom In Old Age

Don’t Become a Victim[i]

         The news is frequently reporting stories of older persons being victimized. Aging includes the risk as being seen of easy targets. When I road my bike downtown to get my watch fixed, my wife reminded me that there have been many cases of people having things stolen from them in broad daylight. So I took my bike inside the building with me. And it’s not just about losing your bike. This chapter of Don’t Sweat tells us that there is no reason that we become victimized.  “If you follow a certain protocol, not only will you avoid being duped, but you may also be able to turn the table on would-be thieves.” 
         Demand offers in writing.  Sales people often come to the door or contact us by phone. “If the offer is legit, a sales representative will have not problem producing a written version of it.”  Then we don’t have to rush to make a decision. And depending on the amount of money involved you might just want your attorney to take a look at it and you’ll have a record of what they want to sell you. If no written material, forget it.
         Treat your home as a castle. Don’t let them in until you feel you can trust them.  Have them produce some kind of identification like a company badge with a name and phone number. Tell them to wait outside while you call the verify their information. “This is prudent, not rude.”
         Contact proper Authorities If you have questions call the appropriate authorities.  If there is a problem it’s better to have them now than later, after you have been victimized.  “If it turns out that you helped uncover some sort of crime, you’ll have done a tremendous service for yourself and fellow retirees.”

[i] Don’t Sweat   Chapter 43 on pages 95 & 96

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