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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Beginnings in Retirement

     In the not too distant past we men were raised to be the protectors and providers for our families.  The emotional changes occurring with retirement often catch us by surprise.  “I am the ‘breadwinner” and “protector” of the family changes into “Hey Elizabeth, what would you like for breakfast?”
Next year after decades of work and “providing”, I will wake up one morning as a “former” university professor. Have I prepared myself for changes?  Perhaps not, since I gave away my golf clubs several years ago.
     They say I have “earned” my retirement; whatever that means. Now what will I do with it? Being home all the time results in occasional friction. We love each other but we can also irritate each other.
     I have prepared and am in the early stage of marketing my retirement workshops. Will that be satisfactory?  I am also a volunteer at the local senior’s centre. So I haven’t lost touch with the outside world
     It seems that retirement and renegotiation of gender roles is something those of us in relationships will need to experience if we are to successfully engage in “New Beginnings.”     How similar or different is your life from mine?

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