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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leisure and Retirement

Here I am again, thinking about my future life in retirement. What are some of the things I like to do besides create blog posts?  I like to swim, but haven’t been swimming for years.  Ditto for mountain climbing. I have played golf a few times but a couple of years ago I gave my golf clubs to my brother-in-law. Interestingly I have a close friend who retired from the Psych Department several years ago. He loves golf, travel and going to church. He continues to have a great deal of energy.
I like to play some computer games but tend to become impatient when I can’t find hidden objects quickly enough. I really loved the Quest For Glory Series but they don’t work on my Macintosh and I’m not about to buy a PC just so I can play the game. On a more positive note, I continue to ride my bicycle both to work and around the neighborhood. And, I enjoy walking for it’s own sake.

Several days ago I came upon an article by Galit Nimrod who teaches at a university in Israel. It seems like just the type of article to help bring some balance to my blog comments.

Galit investigated retirees between the ages of 50 and 85 and suggests that the “. first years following retirement…may be viewed as the first step toward advanced age.”  Specifically he examined leisure activities and leisure befits.  Leisure he asserts has both behavioral and psychological benefits.

The participants in his research project were asked to respond to items such as:
1.   I enjoy developing a skill, it’s restful
2.   The activity is different from my work or it’s similar to my work
3.   I feel relaxed, it’s my self expression

The activities he investigated ranged from:
1.   Attending movies,
2.   Going to art exhibits and music concerts,
3.   Vacations abroad,
4.   Going to sports events with friends and
5.   Religious activities.


  1. Aaaaah - to have world enough and time! It's tough to sqeeze in leisure activities into a very busy schedule. On the other hand, I don't want to leave them until it's too late - remember, gather ye rosebud's while ye may.

  2. So far, I have not yet seriously considered retirement - it just seems to be one of those events that is so far away (I know it isn't but it seems that way now). Like many people I know, I too am concerned about financial secuity upon retirement. And the current sate of the economy isn't helping.

  3. At this point in my life, I don't really see myself retiring. I have this idea that I will be doing something for money, even if I left my current position. I just haven't worked that part out yet.

  4. I had a response in mind but it disappeared already! I hate when that happens.The other day I misplaced my housekeys and later a credit card all because I was not paying attention to what I was doing. Instead, I was concentrating on tomorrow, yesterday, earlier that day, etc.

    Eckhardt Tolle wrote several incredible books about being present - in the moment, etc. He called it the power of now. Great idea, even better reading.

  5. Well I'm going to "retire" next spring I have built a bridge with my workshops. I have been teaching for over 35 years. I love it but I am having some difficulty with some members of the current "me" generation