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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Essential Retirement: Psychological Concern

Retirement within the Context of Lifespan[1]

To better understand the experience of retirement wee need to se it as part of our preceding lifetime rather than in isolation.  In many ways the experience of retirement is a continuation of our prior existence.   Our activities, lifestyle, habits, values, attitudes, personalities, identities, self-concepts and many other personal characteristics provide the prelude and foundation for our retirement experience even though our self concept may change from time to time depending on events and our moods.  For example, Susan struggled with feeling not very appealing at various points in her life.  But after losing weight, joining toastmasters and earning a Bachelor of Arts she felt more positive about her self.  Her self-concept changed.  However the consciousness that experienced these events was her continuing identity.
(This Blog is a perfect example of the process as I am a retired university psychology professor.  I not only continue to teach I send it out all over the world.

[1] Material found within John W. Osborne  Essential Retirement: Psychological Concerns  ISBN 0-9738303-0-1

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  1. John,

    I wanted to know if your 'Retirement Workshops' are available only in British Columbia OR are you presenting your 4-hour Workshop throughout Canada? I am based in Edmonton, Alberta. I feel that we need more workshops for the 50+ Group that emphasize the psychology of retirement, self-discovery, self-actualization and productive longevity; rather than passive leisure activities in retirement.

    Please advise.

    Joe Wasylyk