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Thursday, July 3, 2014

After Retirement: Psychological Considerations

After Retirement: Psychological Considerations [1]

What does Retirement mean:
·   Does not always mean complete withdrawal from work environment
·   Some seniors have bridge jobs the holds between ending their primary employment and final retirement
·   Bridge jobs are associated with both retirement and overall life satisfaction.

Stability and Change of Personality:
·   For instance, if your are a hostile person you are unlikely to mellow much with age
·   The same is true for optimistic

Personality Traits contribute to Health and Longevity.
·   Personality is a strong predictor of emotionality and subjective well-being
·   Negative emotions tend to decrease with age
·   Positive emotions tend to remain stable; possibly because as we age we tend to seek activities and people that give us emotional gratification.

Ego Integrity Vesus Despair
·   Is a state we reach after taking care of things and people, Products and ideas, and having adapted to successes and failures of existence
·   Ego integrity: a sense of having integrated one’s life.
·   Perceiving the dignity of our style of life and defending it from potential threat.

·   Is the virtue that develops; informend and detatched concern with life itself in the face of approaching death
·   Physical and mental activity slows down
·   Simple wisdom maintains and conveys the integrity that accumulated experience of previours years.


·   Adaptive thinking or behaviour aimed at receiving or reducing stress that rises from harmful , threatening or challenging conditions .

Religion and Meditation
·   ‘There is a positive link between religion or spirituality and health,  marriage satisfaction, psychological well-being, and physical health.
·   Meditation is also a useful connector to physical and mental health.

Three Main Components of Successful Aging
·   Avoidance of disease and or disease related disability
·   Maintenance of high physical and cognitive functioning
·   Sustained active engagement in social and productive activities.

More about Personal Relationships
·   We tend to spend less time with others as we age
·   Relationships that we don maintain are important for our well- being

Social Contact Seems to Prolong Life

·   53% of men who are socially isolated die from cardiovascular disease and more than twice as like to die from accidents or suicide (compared to men who are not isolated
·   Large social networks and frequent social contacts also are connected with less cognitive decline.

Intimate Relationships
·   Marital satisfaction influences overall health
·   Being married itself is important for man; women’s health is more related to the quality of their marriage
·   Friendships are also very important for overall health.

[1] One of my Power Point Presentations

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