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Friday, January 10, 2014

Women's Retirement and the Psychology of Aging

                                    Women’s Retirement[1]’s and the Psychology of Aging

In the first source listed below it was predicted that by 2012 women would be nearly half of the labor force and that they have not been as eager to retire as men.  In the second source, also cited below, there is a section entitled aging and work performance it is stated that ; “Older workers are often perceived negatively by employers and co-workers…  I wonder if there is a connection between the two? 
 My blog has been visited by people from around the world and it would be interesting to find out what you think or have experienced.

[1]  Matereial gathered from  Ageing. Society, and the Life Course (2007) published by Springer Publishing Company. The material was gathered from Trends of Retirement: Women’s Retirement.
2. Handbook of the Psychology of Ageing, Edited by by J. E. Birren &  K. Warner Schaie (2001)

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