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Monday, December 3, 2012

More about Elder Abuse

Elder abuse signs evident[i]

Toronto -- Older people who have a wrist or hip fracture often get such injuries after taking a fall.  But researchers say there is a distinct pattern of broken bones and bruises that suggests something more sinister—elder abuse.
         After reviewing the international medical literature and Ontario coroner’s reports, Dr. Kieran Murphy and colleagues saw the same pattern of fractures and soft-tissue injuries repeatedly.
         ‘There is indeed a typical distribution of injuries that are seen radiologically in the elderly who are beaten..” said Murphy, a radiologist at the University Health Network in Toronto.”  So they have injuries around their eyes, they have injuries to their teeth.
         ‘They may have shaking injuries which cause bleeds (inside) the head called subdurals, they may have soft tissue injuries and upper extremities injuries’ he added.
          ‘A broken shoulder blade is another sign of elder abuse.’
         “Murphy and his team reviewed more than 1,100 cases of abuse in people over the age 60.”        
         “Their analysis also showed that these elderly abuse victims were most often in a home setting being cared for by
non-professionals, such as a family member or other untrained caregiver.”
         “Often the offender is financially dependent on the older person and may have an alcohol or drug addiction, he said.”
_The Canadian Press

[i]  Material reported in The Province, Friday Nov 30th 2012, Vancouver British Columbia,             THEPROVINCE.COM  Page B13

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