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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paying Attention To What We're Doing

“Haste Makes Waste”

         For a long time I have heard the above phrase and from a cognitive standpoint I thought I knew what it means.  For instance, if you’re in a hurry you may forget to do something.  I imagine that we have all been in that kind of a situation.

         Also, if we follow the phrase “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.”     Where in the h…  did I put my car keys??
People may say: “Time is Gold” which means nothing would be considered as valuable as time. Loosing time and money would be doubled since the person should start from the start point. From and academic standpoint there are myriad of ways for saving money and time favor of researches and contacting experts in the related fields.
Again haste makes waste. We are not machines. We can't rush through things mechanically. If we do, we might forget something; we might take shortcuts. By taking our time, we can do a chore carefully, completely, and correctly.
         In the contemporary world where, everything is happening so fast most of us rush badly to get his or her things done faster. This is very true in some cases but in today's world all the things seem to be moving fast. So one has to be fast to get into the competition, though it doesn’t mean that you should become impatient and do the things hastily and just mess it up
         Most of my life I have depended on well-learned activities and my behaviour often happens “automatically” without thought. But over the last six months I have acquired a deeper personal understanding of the term. Time is the “here and now” And it’s very important that I pay attention to what I’m  doing not matter how many times I do it. 
         For example taking a glass out of the cupboard. If I don’t slow down I might drop it; I have.  I don’t talk on my cell phone when I’m driving and I don’t listen to the car radio. I need to pay attention to what I’m doing. 
         But further than that I have become clumsier and make mistakes when doing things A couple of days ago I walked into the large tent we have in the side yard, went over to a chair, turned around and sat on it.  The chair immediately fell backwards with me in it. I hadn’t taken the time to check it’s firmness and the back legs were three inches further down than the front ones. I wasn’t hurt but I was embarrassed 

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