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Saturday, July 7, 2012

What Do We Know About Aging

Step 3 Getting Past Ageism . Learn More About Aging.[i]

“The better informed we are about aging and what to expect, the better we are able to evaluate and resist many of the inaccurate and negative stereotypes of aging.”

A New View of Old Age
Older persons, such as myself, are often simplified in our “individual” and “social” aging.  But research shows that we can live rich and complex lives.  With a growing proportion of seniors in Canadian society marketing organizations are rapidly creating opportunities. “For example most people aged 50 to 70 have good incomes, little or no mortgage, and no children to support.” And, they are seen as good markets for goods and services.
The majority of older persons are women.  “One company, Unilever, the maker of Dove beauty products, has taken the bold step to attract older consumers.  It created a new line of products called ‘Pro Age’ that help people look good without denying their age (rather than deny it). … “Nancy Ectoff, a psychologist at the Harvard Medical School says “…We’re seeing a real shift in how people are approaching beauty. Up to now, it’s been about fighting aging with everything you have. Now you have a chance not to..’
In summary: “Canada’s government and people have dedicated themselves to the elimination of ageism.  However this goal can’t be achieved through a policy statement, the stroke of a pen, or a speech. Canadians need to understand that people of all ages make up the fabric of a good and just society.  And high quality of life at all ages benefits everyone.  The more Canadians understand about aging, through research and public discussion, the more Canada can realize the vision of a society for all ages.’

[i]  The additional material for this post was gathered from a textbook Aging and Society: A Canadian Perspective by Mark Novak and Lori Campbell

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