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Sunday, July 1, 2012

How do we get past ageism Step 1

1. Identify the myths and mis-information.[i]

         Recognize the myths about aging and negative attitudes about older adults. Start challenging the myths. Challenge the language. First let’s look at the definition.
         Ageism can be defined as “any attitude, action or instutional structure, which subordinates a person or group because of age or any assignment of roles in society purely on the basis of age.  As an “ism”. Ageism reflects a prejudice in society against older adults”
         There are many erroneous beliefs in our society - e.g. that older adults' lives are less valuable and older adults are less deserving of having their rights respected; that older adults feel emotional pain less or do not have sexual feelings; or that older adults are largely responsible for growing health care or other social costs.

[i]  Canadian Network for the Prevention of  Elder Abuse  ©2004 CNPEA.  We are             free to use this material for non-commercial purposes.  Over the next few weeks we will go through the 12 comments on the topic of Ageism.


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    1. Thank you for your commment. There will be several more over the next few weeks