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Friday, May 4, 2012

Co-0p Radio and Community Building

My Visit to Vancouver’s Co-op Radio[i]

         Yesterday, at the invitation of Ray Wagner, I visited Co-op Radio in downtown Vancouver.  I took the sky train from surrey and got off at a station named Main Street Science World.  Mr. Wagner is one of their volunteer programmers.  He knew about my blogspot that focuses on retirement issues and ageism.
         I arrived at the Main Street Science World Sky-train station and there was Ray waiting for me. We quickly began our 20-minute walk to the radio station. When we arrived we had a 25-min wait before it was time to go on air.  During that time we explored ideas that we would discuss for the next half hour.
         Mr. Wagner is an excellent discussion leader. Our conversation flowed easily back and forth.  He has the skill to probe on expressed ideas and take topics deeper.
         Before I left home in morning to be dropped off at the Surrey ski-train station Elizabeth as me if I was excited.  I said no I was quite interested.  When she picked me up at the sky train station to go home, I told her that I was very excited and that Ray has invited me back for another session this summer.  I can hardly wait.  Thanks Ray!

[i]  Co-op CFBO 102.7 FM.  For more information go to their website


  1. Sounds very interesting! I will check this out! new york it services

    1. Hilda,
      I'm happy that you have found out about this radio station. They appear to be very efficient and committed to their station.