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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Working Definition of Ageism[i]
All the following material was copied directly from page 14 in the book cited below
1.   Ageism is a set of beliefs originating in the biological variation between people and relating to the aging process
2.   It is in the actions of corporate bodies, what is said and done by their representatives, and the resulting that are held by ordinary ageing people, that ageism is made manifest
In consequence of this, it follows that:
a)   Ageism generates and reinforces a fear and denigration of the aging process, and stereotyping presumptions regarding competence and the need for protection.
b)   In particular, ageism legitimates the use of chronological age to mark out classes of people who are systematically denied resources and opportunities that other enjoy, and who suffer the consequences of such denigration, ranging from well-meaning patronage to unambiguous vilification.

[i]   Bytheway B. and Johnson J. (1990). On defining Ageism ,vol 27,  pp 27-39,   Critical Social Policy.  Cited in AGEISM: Rethinking Ageing ,Published by  Open University Press, 1995

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