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Friday, February 3, 2012

Older Can Be Bolder

   I highly recommend Erdman Palmore’s new book Older Can Be Bolder: 101 answers to your questions about aging.  It is full of ideas and facts that many people looking for information about aging will be VERY interested in reading. Dr. Palmor is a Professor Emeritus of Medical Sociology at Duke University Center for the Study of Aging. 
 The chapter titles are:  Chapter 1 APPEARANCE, Chapter 2 PHYSICAL FUNCTION, Chapter 3 MENTAL HEALTH, Chapter 4 LONGEVITY, Chapter 5 AGEISM and Chapter 6 BENEFITS.   
   Here is the Preface:  Some people grow timid as they age because they are afraid of aging.  They haven’t heard the good news about aging: you can grow bolder as you grow older. Many people are afraid to ask questions answered in this book because they think only about the problems of aging and not the benefits of aging. The answers in this book recognize the problems, but also the many advantages of aging
    This is a soft cover book that costs under $10 Canadian. I purchased the book through  After you read the book I would be interested in reading what you think.  Note: The online book is less than $3.00

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