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Monday, February 6, 2012

More about Older Can Be Bolder

Chap 1    Appearance (how we look as we age) it covers such topics as:  a. men’s baldness, b. older women’s beards, c. why we get wrinkles d. bags under our eyes e. why do we shrink as we get older and f. why do we tend to get fatter (there is much more I am just giving you a taste),

Chap 2.  Physical Function  a. Do our bodies run out?  Including lung capacity, our five senses, our eyes watering, being less productive, why do we older men pee so often, and male menopause?, (just a taste)

Chap 3. Mental Health  a. what’s happening to our memory and what can we do about, does it really work?, b. information about Alzheimer’s, c. information about Parkinson’s disease, d. material about depression and what we can do about it? e. material about accidents at home and on the job f. as we age are we; wiser, more religious, more likely to volunteer, now much sleep do we need.

Chap 4. Longevity [Note my mom was 96 years old on Feb 8th]
a.          when are we old? b. is life expectancy increasing? c. the secret of longevity, d. Is there a kind of food that helps increase longevity? e. Why do women live longer than men ?

Chap 5. Ageism  a. what is it ?  b. what are its most frequent forms ? c. is it as bad as the other isms? d. is it declining ? e. What about jokes and birthday cards?  f. what causes it and what are if effects?  g.  do doctors discriminate against old people?  h. how can we reduce ageism? 

Chap 6. Benefits a. are older people bankrupting the government ?  b. are we pushing the cost of medical care? c. should health care be rationed by age?  d. do most old people wind up in institutions? e. are most caregivers young people? f. when are old people entitled to Social Security, Supplemental Security and Medicare   f. when can people join the AARP, g. How many benefits are there to aging?

[It’s a good deal and I have learned a great deal. I hope Erdman carries on, for seniors it becomes new dawn. For more information google  oldercanbebolder]     

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