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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting Past Ageism Continued

  8. Watch our language.

Most of us, including health professionals, health advocates and consumers use terms and expressions that may perpetuate ageism. We depersonalize older adults by referring to them generically as "the elderly" or "our seniors".

 9. Talk openly about aging issues and ageism.

The more ageism and age discrimination remain hidden, the more people believe it is acceptable to act this way. Show and recognize the heterogeneity of seniors. Older adults are not all the same. Let
others see real older people - people who are resourceful, articulate and creative, who are familiar as valued friends or coworkers. Also include older adults who have conditions that may limit their abilities in some ways; they are not limited in other ways. People who do not fit the stereotype are a powerful way to fight ageism.

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