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Monday, January 23, 2012

Compating Ageism Step 1

          Combating Ageism   Step I

   Larry Anderson ,   Yongjie Yon

Some time ago Yongjie and I, using Erdman Palmore’s Ageism Survey, conducted a research project that examined the prevalence and patterns of ageism in British Columbia  In 2004 Palmore gathered information in partnership with the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) news Letter.  Our research project was started in 2006 using senior’s recreation centres in suburban British Columbia.  In the spring of 2007, we expanded our scope to cover the rest of British Columbia.  This included survey publication in The Senior Connector, a survey distributed by the Council of Senior Citizen Organizations (COSCO), participation by a large seniors trailer park and by some senior’s organizations outside the Lower Mainland.
Combined responses from these sources were rank ordered and patterns of correlations found. This study is a step toward understanding the prevalence of ageist experiences in Canada. 
Now I would like to use my blogspot to take another step toward ageism reduction.  First I will display Dr. Palmore’s Ageism Survey and wait several weeks before I print up the ageist correlations found in our study. To me it would be very exciting to have persons from all over the world examine their lives using the ageism survey.  I’m not expecting you to send your ageist experiences to me; although that would be great, but I do hope that looking at the results of Yongjie and I’s project (step 2) will help increase the opportunities for you to discuss this topic among with your friends, family and others.  So here is the survey (Step 1)

The Ageism Survey

1. I was told a joke that pokes fun at old people.
2. I was sent a birthday card that pokes fun at old people.
3. I was ignored or not taken seriously because of my age.
4. I was called an insulting name related to my age.
5. I was patronized or “talked down to” because of my age.
6. I was refused rental housing because of my age.
7. I had difficulty getting a loan because of my age.
8. I was denied a position of leadership because of my age.
9. I was rejected as unattractive because of my age.
10. I was treated with less dignity and respect because of my age.
11. A waiter or waitress ignored me because of my age.
12. A doctor or nurse assumed my ailments were caused by my age.
13. I was denied medical treatment because of my age.
14. I was denied employment because of my age.
15. I was denied promotion because of my age.
16. Someone assumed I could not hear well because of my age.
17. Someone assumed I could not understand because of my age.
18. Someone told me, “You’re too old for that.”
19. My house was vandalized because of my age.
20. I was victimized by a criminal because of my age.

Survey © Copyright 2000 by Erdman Palmore. (Use permission granted)

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