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Monday, December 26, 2011

How to Retire successfully (Quotes)

“What may be missing is a sense of purpose and some meaning to your life.”

“Many people experience a rapid decline in physical and mental health soon after retirement – often due to illness and feelings of uselessness”

“To be happy…you must stay active.?

“…Retirement is the last opportunity for individuals to reinvent themselves.”

“….. a new beginning of life.”

“It has been found that  “..,missing friends from work, being bored, and having trouble adjusting to changed adversely affects many retirees more than the lack of money or poor health.”

Experts state that. “…if you are not spending any time pursuing some activities before you retire, it is unlikely that you will spent time on these activities after you quit work.”

There is no ideal time to retire but “don’t put it off longer than you have to.”

Reasons for opting for semi-retirement:
·     You love your field of work
·     You want to feel productive
·     You can’t think of anything else to do
·     You like companionship of like-minded collegues
·     You like being around bright people
·     You like the social aspect of work
·     You love building and creating in a work environment
·     You want to get out of your spouses hair.

“Even people who plan carefully for retirement cannot fully anticipate the actual experience because it’s not just the end of employment. It’s the loss of life structure that has been central to a person’s existence.”
                  John Osborne, retired psych prof U Vic BC

“To redefine and recycle yourself in retirement, you must challenge and change certain assumptions about yourself.”

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