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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gina's Retirement

Gina had looked forward to retirement for many years.  The long awaited day finally came six months ago, complete with a party and farewell speeches.  For a while she was happy with her newfound freedom.  She could sleep in, and didn’t have to deal with, company meetings and the constant pressure of a large clothing design company that had dominated her life for the last 33 years.   Lately though, everything had changed.  Her husband Ben, who had retired three years earlier was anxious to start their journey in their mobile home which had been parked in the yard for a couple of years.  Trivial arguments seemed to have become the norm.  Somehow she missed the hustle and bustle of her old job.  No one came to her for decisions anymore.  They were both worried about being able to exist on fixed incomes.  Her body seemed to hurt in new places.  She felt isolated, alone and rudderless.   Her neighbors envied the couples leisure.  But that didn’t matter.  What should she do?

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