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Friday, August 19, 2011

Seeking Solutions to Retirement Problems

         Beginning with this blog entry I would like to start some exchanges with those who visit my blog and would like to go beyond mini lectures.  I now have the system DISQUS that allows viewer responses. Up until recently, I have gotten responses but the program refused to publish them.
         Below is a brief tale of a person who is facing a challenge of retirement.  After you have read the story I would like to know what you think.This scenario describes, the experience of a person used to power and leadership. He is what gerontologists describe as “young/old.”   He is a former Chief Executive Officer of profitable company who is now in his early 70’s. He retired at the usual age of 65 because he thought, “that’s what you should do. Since then he has discovered the whole pattern of being “young-old”. 
      He’s full of energy and has no money problems that might encourage him back to work. Yet he feels he is missing something.    So he has started looking for another job but being in his 70’s he has received very cold receptions. (Ageism?)  He says, “They seem to listen to you but they don’t see you.  You’re a non-person.” He has tried volunteer work but has found it not very satisfying”                   You are his friend and he has come to you for advice.  He is in very good shape and has lost none of his abilities. The way he sees it is ”When you’ve had your power, for a number of years, your value is your power not your abilities.  He finishes speaking and waits for your reply.  What would your response be?

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