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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Internalizing Ageism

Tom says: “Retirement was wonderful until I lost my wife, and then that’s when you really feel, you know, that you’re old.  It’s so very easy, if you’re not strong enough to really let it get to you, you know. I nearly did.  So loneliness is terrible, especially when you are old and I got in that terrible state and you no, I said to myself ‘you’ve got to to get out there and get amongst people.’ Then of course, I moved into the retirement village, and this is it, this is what made me, this lifted me up again.   But, you know, society as a whole hasn’t got time for people aging, they haven’t.  Maybe people’s families do but the not the whole society.  It not geared to us.”

[1]  Material from Perceptions and consequences of ageism: views of older people presented in the Journal Aging and Society

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