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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Attitudes Toward Getting Old

          Several nights ago, I accompanied my wife to Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Annual Fine Arts Exhibition Opening in which four of her very excellent paintings are being displayed.  While I was there I had two interesting conversations. One was Phil Warren a former Psychology Professor from Kwantlen who retired in 1995 and still has clients in his counseling practice.  The other conversation was with a man who is 83 years old who has his own company and is very active in the community. We had a long conversation. Both of these two gentleman appear to have direction, goals and are continuing to adjust to late life.
         This afternoon Elizabeth looked up from her laptop and said. “How do you feel about your aging?  My mind went blank.  Her question and my previous conversations triggered this blog entry.  I surfed around and found the following Attitudes Toward Aging Questionnaire.  If any of the following ideas are causing or likely to cause you stress, it might be a good idea to consider talking with a counselor.  I intend to personally use them to examine my upcoming adjustment to retirement.

  1.  Old age will be an enjoyable time of life
  2.  I worry that I might become senile and lose my mind.
  3.  I hope that I might look back on my life with a sense of pride.
  4.  I will be more lonely than I am now.
  5.  Older age brings satisfactions, which are not available to the young.
  6.  Becoming frail is rarely an issue, which concerns me.
  7.  I worry about dying and leaving behind those I love.
  8.  It worries me that I won’t enjoy life as much as I do now.
  9.  I find the thought of growing old depressing
  10.   Life can get better once you pass middle age
11.  I will regret the loss of strength and happiness.
12.  I don’t think there is much to be scared about becoming and older person.
13. I worry about loss of independence
14. I expect to be a loving caring person
15. I will be able to accept the death of friends and loved ones as a natural part of life.
16. I look forward to growing old with someone I love.
17. I worry about becoming frail.
18. I will become more irritable and grouchy than I am now.
19. Others may find me difficult to get along with
20. I will be more set in my ways and more reluctant to change.
21. I won’t like growing old
22. I do not worry about becoming senile and losing my mind.
23. I worry about the loss of loved ones around me
24. In my old age I will be as enthusiastic about life as I am now.
25. There is a lot to look forward to in growing old.
26. I won’t feel as safe on my own as I do now.
27. I am concerned about who will care for me if I become frail.

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