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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Me is We

In younger days I was I
And me was me
But as I’ve grown
I’ve come to see
That there is more to it
If we’re to be

There are many me’s
Selves yet unfound that I must own
And many he’s
Where I have sat…
I must find their keys

In my head, I am at home
And free from need
But in my heart’s a tiny gnat
So full of greed

When my heart is full of ease
And my head’s without a hat
I feel a  welcome breeze

An Elder now, is where I’m at
At last my selves are working free

Near journey’s end me is we


  1. I think retirement is more than the" journey's end". Maybe what I am saying is that retirement does not NEED to be viewed this way. Rather, retirement should be seen as a new way of seeing and doing the things you have always done and always wanted to do. It is not the end of you nor a brand new beginning, but it is a beginning of sorts.....just not a clean start. Maybe retirement is just another evolutionary process; a re-tooling of the relative importance placed on all of the many hats and perspectives we have worn throughout our lives thus far. I hope so. I am in the middle of my career and life but I hope ALL of my days are spent valuing and enjoying whatever it is I find myself doing.

  2. Great reply,
    The best place we can be is the only place we can be
    The Here and Now

  3. I think I was a little be flippant in my earlier reply. I think our success in retirement is connected with our ability to fight of feelings of inferiority and to maintain connections with our social life. I would not see it as part of the evolutionary process but I agree that it's time try on some new hats. About the journey's end, It does seem that I (we) feel closer to the "end." Did you ever see the program the Highlander? It's theme song was, Who wants to live forever? I wouldn't mind takng a shot at it. People who are religious find another way I Really appreciate your response and look forward to future comments. You are clearly a thoughtful person