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Friday, March 22, 2013

Ageism in Lower Mainland of BC

   Ageism In Lower Mainland of British Columbia: A                             Research Project
Larry Anderson and Yongjie Yon

Purpose of the Study: To explore the nature of ageism in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and answer several specific questions. What is the prevalence of ageism in the Lower Mainland? Which types of ageism are more prevalent? Are there correlations between different types of ageism? Which subgroups of older people report more ageism? 
Design and Methods: The Survey developed by Erdman Palmore (2001), listing 20 types of ageism. It was used on a convenience sample of 598 persons older than 55 years.
Results:  Just over 82% of 598 respondents reported they have experienced some form of ageism at least once or more.  Demographic variables ethnicity, level of education, age group, and gender were all predictors. Each group followed different patterns.  A pattern of correlations representing attacks on self-esteem was found.  Being told by doctors ailments were caused by age was experienced equally among groups.
Implications: Researchers will now have a clearer picture of ageism and its variations experienced by different groups of older persons in British Columbia. This can be a step forward in reducing the prevalence of ageism in Canada.

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