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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Patterns of Ageism

Until recently, in Canada, there has not been much research
documenting the extent of prejudice towards older persons. Robert
Butler (1969) first coined the term ageism and defined it as “..another
form of bigotry” and “a process of systematic stereotyping and
discrimination against people who are old.”
Ageism is different from the other types of “ism” such as sexism
and racism because, unlike them, ageism, in general may affect
everyone or at least everyone who lives long enough” says Erdmann
Palmore who indicates although there are positive and negative
forms of ageism, in general is has negative consequences to seniors.
Some demographic factors are: Level of education, Ethnicity,
Employment and/or Type of Pension, Distance of closest relative,
neighbor, Marital status, Organizational Membership, Level of
volunteering, Attitudes toward Local and Provincial Governments
Below are three figures indicating Ageism Relationships

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